UFI Box Latest Version (2024)

UFI Box Latest Version (2024)

"Unlocking New Capabilities: UFI Box (2024) Released"


UFi Box is a versatile EMMC service tool designed for reading, repairing, resizing, formatting, erasing, and updating EMMC chip firmware. It supports a wide range of brands including Samsung, SK Hynix, Toshiba, Kingston, and Micron. For phone repair technicians dealing with EMMC-related issues across different devices, UFi Box offers extensive capabilities such as boot data reading and comprehensive data writing. Its functionality makes it an essential tool in managing diverse EMMC operations effectively.

Features Of UFi Box:

  • Read EMMC user data
  • Repair EMMC
  • Resize EMMC
  • Format EMMC
  • Erase EMMC
  • Read, write, and update firmware on EMMC

How To Use It?

  1. Connect the Device: Attach your phone or EMMC chip to the UFi Box using the appropriate cables and adapters.
  2. Open UFi Software: Launch the UFi software on your computer.
  3. Select the Operation: Choose the desired operation (e.g., read, write, repair, resize) from the software interface.
  4. Configure Settings: Set the necessary parameters and configurations for the operation.
  5. Execute: Click the start or execute button to begin the operation.
  6. Monitor Progress: Follow the on-screen instructions and monitor the progress until the operation completes.


In conclusion, UFi Box stands out as an essential tool for phone repair technicians due to its robust capabilities in handling various EMMC-related tasks. With support for a multitude of brands and the ability to perform critical operations like reading boot data and full data writing, UFi Box proves indispensable in resolving EMMC issues across different devices efficiently and effectively. Its versatility and comprehensive feature set make it a valuable asset in the field of mobile device repair.

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